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Reform UK - Ipswich

Ipswich needs Reform now!


Welcome to the home page of the Ipswich Reform Party which will introduce you to the policies, people and events we hope will enable us to achieve electoral success in the forthcoming general election.

Our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Reform in Ipswich is Tony Love who along with  other members of the team are coordinating our campaign.


You can find more information on the Reform UK website, where you can also join the Reform party and donate to our cause.


Over the coming months, as we approach the next General Election, both Labour and the Conservatives will make a series of promises to you. Many you will have  heard before and many will appear to deal with new and immediate problems in Ipswich or the Country as a whole.

Since Tony Blair in 1997 followed by the Conservatives in 2010, the electorate have been deliberately fed a litany of lies at successive elections: manifestos forgotten immediately the election was over. The deception has been of such magnitude that “we” now know, incontrovertibly, that we are being taken for fools.

If you vote the same way again and expect a different outcome nothing will change except we will sink deeper into the mire and our identity and democracy will continue to vanish before our very eyes.

It is no longer about Right and Left it is about Right and Wrong. It is time to grasp the nettle and make a stand.

We will not break our promises and we will not let you down.

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