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Updated: Dec 5, 2023


DAVID CAMERON 20th February 2016.

"Three years ago I committed to the British people that I would renegotiate our position In the European Union and hold an in-out referendum.

Now I am delivering on that commitment.

You will decide.

And whatever your decision, I will do my best to deliver it."

On June 23rd the British people voted and early the next morning at 5.20 am, David Dimbleby uttered the words: "The British people have spoken and the answer is: "We're out!"

On June 24th David Cameron announced that he was stepping down with his successor to be appointed following a leadership contest. With undue haste, he reneged on his promise to the people of Britain and left the auditorium.

So there it is, the man who began the existential crisis for the Conservative Party is resurrected seven years later, clothed in ermine, to try and save them. During his seven tumultuous years of absence, a huge number of British people have realised that they no longer live in a democracy. Our democratic system is little more than a sham to enable the Establishment to govern as only they know best, making sure that their entitlement, privilege and fiscal security remain unchallenged.

There was not a single Establishment body that supported Brexit. Its supporters were derided as thick, parochial xenophobes who lacked education, a sort of subspecies, the last of the Neanderthals. Undaunted, the Brexit voters braved the slings and arrows and went out in their millions to vote for the concept they had been told was doomed - the sovereignty of their nation. Just after midnight the impossible began to look possible when the Sunderland vote was announced and an attractive blonde lady was lifted shoulder high amongst scenes of jubilation. Five hours later the BBC announced 'their' shattering news that we were out. Politicians of all colours appeared in the media proclaiming they would accept and enact the decision of the people. It was democracy in action. Of course there was a problem; they so vehemently believed Remain would win they had promised to accept the result, never anticipating having to fulfil a promise to Leave.

From this moment the democratic process began to reveal itself as a sham, the defeated Establishment using every obstruction it could to stop the process of Brexit. The Courts were used for judicial activism and the Civil Service began to obfuscate and collude with the bureaucrats within the EU to an extent that Northern Ireland is now in a quasi state of annexation. Many of our politicians, including past prime ministers, crossed La Manche to collude with EU politicians in defiance of the referendum result.

So began a litany of betrayals by the Conservatives of the electorate and their membership.

A leadership vote took place which resulted in internecine warfare. The machiavellian Gove managed to assassinate Boris Johnson and commit suicide, all at the same time, making way for Theresa May to become the accidental Prime Minister. This unfortunate woman spent thirty-six torturous months attempting to hand much of our sovereignty back to the EU before eventually laying out the ground to annex Northern Ireland.

The biggest betrayal of the vote took place in our own Parliament, led by a cabal of

Conservative politicians headed by Oliver Letwin and Dominic Grieve (Legion of Honour). With the help of the 'impartial' Speaker, John Bercow, they orchestrated a coup which in previous eras would have led to the separation of the physical from the metaphysical. 'The People' may have voted 'Leave' but the House of Commons was stuffed full of 'Remainers' and, for that matter, still is. Through these sympathies the House took over control of the order paper from the Executive and forced a series of votes upon Parliament in an attempt to delay, thwart, or overturn Brexit by means of a second referendum.

Ironically, the UK took part in the EU elections on the 23rd of May, but by then even the mass of europhile Conservatives realised they were heading for annihilation. On the 24th of May, Mrs May announced her resignation saying: "It will always remain a matter of deep regret for me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit." On the 26th of May the results of the European Elections were announced: the Brexit Party scored a sensational win with 31.6% of the vote and 29 seats.

Conservative MPs then held their collective noses and summoned Boris Johnson down from the slopes of Mount Olympus to fulfil his destiny as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He received 66.4% of the membership vote to Jeremy Hunt's 33.6% and won the MPs vote 160 - 77. Boris twisted and turned trying to escape the clutches of a Europhile House of Commons and House of Lords, but was saved when the hapless Jeremy Corbyn couldn't resist the opportunity to take part in his own General Election and subsequent destruction. The Conservatives won an eighty seat majority, Brexit constituencies in the North, that had never voted Tory before, lent Boris their support.

This was the moment when the Conservative party could achieve redemption, when they could wipe the slate clean and deliver Brexit, as instructed for the third time by the electorate.

An 80 seat majority was a get out of jail free card and the opportunity for Boris Johnson to emulate his political mentor Winston Churchill and save our sovereignty. He achieved Brexit, but in name only (BRINO) by sacrificing the UK fishing industry and the sovereignty of Northern Ireland. Most of the Brexit voting electorate begrudgingly accepted this sacrifice. The Remainer establishment was already gearing up to delay and ultimately obstruct leaving, but there was tremendous optimism about our final destination. Then everything went wrong, Winston Churchill II turned out to be a damp squib and subject to the views of the last person who sat on him.

Johnson's inconsistent and juvenile behaviour during Covid allowed the Remainer Parliament to extract revenge through the House of Commons Privileges Committee. A Conservative Prime Minister elected overwhelmingly by the electorate and its own membership was forced out of office. Once again the membership was asked to vote and Liz Truss prevailed. On the 5th of September she was announced the winner and became Prime Minister the next day. She received 57.4% of the membership vote against 42.6% for Rishi Sunak.

The Establishment was appalled! Here was a Conservative Prime Minister determined to make Brexit work and unleash the forces of free market principles, low tax, low regulation and a reduction in social spending. Liz Truss lasted 49 days, making her the shortest serving Prime Minister in British History. The Conservative Party and the their friends in finance had concocted a swift end to her reign and installed Sunak as Prime Minister with Jeremy Hunt Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Since the Brexit Referendum in 2016, The Conservative Party has demonstrated its contempt for its membership, the electorate and democracy. Well over half of Conservative MPs deliberately obfuscated and delayed Brexit in the hope of thwarting the Referendum. A clique of Conservative MP lawyers led an attempted coup in the House of Commons and grabbed control of the order paper to foil Brexit. The Conservative Party then ignored an 80 seat majority that reinforced the Referendum result and went on to assist in removing the man who was overwhelmingly chosen by the electorate and the membership to achieve this. They then ignored the membership again, sacking another Prime Minister just 49 days after she was voted in. Neither Hunt nor Sunak have prevailed in any General or Membership election and are solely the product of an Establishment coup.

Sunak has now removed the prominent Brexiteer Suella Braverman as Home Secretary for demonstrating his total inability to deal with the migration crisis. Oblivion beckons and Sunak has entered the bunker to sure up his hard core supporters in the South East. The plan, to rise again like the Phoenix when the Labour Party does indeed spectacularly crash and burn.

Sunak has now produced a rabbit from the hat, an ace from up his sleeve. In an amazing act of prestidigitation he has recalled the architect of all this chaos. The man who promised to deliver the result of the Referendum has slipped in through the back door, and can now sit at the cabinet table after his elevation to the House of Lords.

Enter, Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton. The man that ran away has now returned, without a vote cast in his favour.

David Cameron was once the future, he told us so! Now he is most definitely the product of a failed past having demonstrated with the rest of the Establishment that they have no interest in democracy. It is only democracy if they win. If they lose it becomes 'populist', implying those votes are of a lesser value.

The Conservative mantra at elections has always been 'if you don't vote for us we will lose': in other words, Labour will be worse. After the last thirteen years of lies and incompetence the answer now has to be - 'So what?' Both parties are oblivious to their voters, most of whom do not want Net Zero or ULEZ, but do want energy security, 'net zero migration' and definitely no illegal migration. The Covid lockdowns were the most authoritorian measures ever enforced in this country and Labour was always clamouring for these to be even more extreme! In all matters Brexit, the Labour Party is as 'remain' as the Conservative Party.

Emerging from the wreckage is the Reform Party which is quickly gaining traction amongst the disenfranchised majority. In a series of recent polls Reform has registered double figures, in third place ahead of the LibDems. With the election not much more than a year away at most, Reform will be a significant factor in the general election. We stand for the individual over the Establishment and we stand for those who have been ignored for nearly three decades.

Reform may well be called a populist party but if that means representing the views of 'the people', it is a description to be proud of.

Tony Love

PPC for Reform

Ipswich constituency

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